Throughout rural areas across the country and particularly the Midwest, barns can be seen decorated with colorful squares of wood painted with geometric designs. These decorative pieces are called Barn Quilts. Inspired by these works of rustic art I began making my own barn quilts in my home workshop in Kibbee, Georgia. Constructing these quilts has become a rewarding hobby that I would now like to share with you.


The 32 patterns shown here are my current standard models.  Each pattern is available in both 4 foot square and 2 foot square sizes.  4’ X 4’ quilts are a good size for mounting on the exterior of a barn or house. 2’ X 2’ quilts are great for outdoor mounting but are also small enough to be used as an interior decoration.  I individually sign and number each piece. Custom colors are available for each pattern.  Feel free to call or email me to discuss custom orders.


UPS shipping to anywhere in the US is available for all products. All barn quilts are shipped in one piece so no assembly is required prior to mounting on your barn, house, or other building.



All Hamilton Barn Quilts are handmade to order in my shop in Kibbee Georgia.

All pieces are hand made so no two are exactly alike.  Each barn quilt is signed and individually numbered by the artist.

Hamilton Barn Quilts bring a down home touch to any building - barns, sheds, or houses.