Inspired by the barn quilts of rural Indiana, Lendle Hamilton began making these works of folk art in his shop in Kibbee Georgia.  What began as a hobby has become a secondary career as Lendle has made art that has shipped all over the United States.  


Hamilton Barn Quilts are individually made to order by Lendle Hamilton in his shop in Kibbee Georgia.  Each piece is hand made and each bears the artist's unique touch.  All barn quilts are signed and numbered by the artist.




All barn quilts are made from ½” thick plywood.  The face of the quilt is primed before the design is laid out.  The quilt is then hand painted with multiple coats of paint and sealed to protect the colors.  A one inch wide hanging rail is applied to the perimeter on the back to add strength and make hanging easier.  These pieces of art are made to last for years.